The ‘gentleman’ lives a life of lavish indulgences at all times, based clearly upon his whims in the present; he snatches people out of the real world to dance and engage in frivolity and marches all night long in Lost-hope. Whenever he invades ‘our’ world, it is to seek opportunities in it and exploit them for his own advantage. He is easily drawn to beautiful things, which is why he takes such a fancy to Annabelle, and contrives to add her to his collection. Gazing at the humans, the gentleman senses their true potential, the aura that surrounds them; he unknowingly foretells Stephen’s future and then sets about to make it real, not realizing his vision for Stephen is wrong and will mean his downfall. He immediately sees the ignorance in Norrell and uses it to obtain half of Lady Pole’s life; he sees much more of a threat in Strange. He takes pleasure in messing with people and finding loopholes in their magical agreements by which he can exploit them. The Gentleman is very careful in how he phrases things, so that the magician never knows what the true price is of the “favor” the faerie is going to do for them. He is quite good at exploiting others’ feelings and appealing to them – choosing to go after Emma Strange both due to his attraction to her, and to hurt her “fool of a husband.” The Gentleman keeps up a running emotional commentary in his comments to Stephen. He sells him the notion of “making him a king” and tries to find ways to make it happen. He baits his loyalty by withholding and promising him information about his true identity and his mother. He expresses his rage easily, and vents often to Stephen, becoming quite offended when others do not give him the deference he deserves, but appears to have no emotional center other than his own selfishness. He takes a joy in hurting Jonathan by stealing his wife, rather than simply killing him. He’s given to emotional outbursts and loud tantrums.

Enneagram: 8w7 sx/so

The Gentleman is all about being “in charge” and dominating other people; he arrives in England and instantly sees how to benefit from the arrangement with his “magician” – by bartering for a more impressive outcome… I will give you her life, if you give me hers. He has a blunt assessment of others, and often scorns them for being “weak.” He is not afraid of anyone and rather calmly dispatches them. His aggressive nature makes him take enjoyment in beating others and competing to win; he does not like to lose, nor have his playthings taken away from him. His 7 wing enjoys the lavish decadence of Lost Hope – a place where they can dance and amuse themselves for centuries. He becomes highly offended whenever anyone does not show him due deference, and has an arrogant mentality of superiority.