Arabella is somewhat doubtful of magic until Jonathan proves to her that it exists and he can use it. She is quite practical and aware of that which is lasting, as well as of his faults due to the behaviors he repeats over and over again. She hints that a suitable, stable profession would do him well. Arabella often references the past in some way, hinting that she uses that as a frame of reference for dealing with him and others. She believes experience is crucial and important, and values what Emma has to say about Mr Norrell, hinting that he may not always work toward others’ best interests. She is polite and frank in her assessment of others’ behavior being proper or improper, good or bad; when reading a spell, she objects to it being immoral. She tells the Gentleman With the Thistledown Hair to his face that if he can do something to help Emma, he should… without bartering in the process. She is tolerant of Jonathan and his many abandoned hobbies and endures his traipsing about with good-natured humor. Though she hardly knows Lady Pole, her plight ignites compassion in Emma, who becomes her defender. Her inquisitive mind makes her hesitant to accept the offer of a strange gentleman in the front hall, and she often questions others and their motivations. She does not trust Mr Norrell and encourages her husband not to accept his assistance too readily. Arabella believes there is more truth to Emma’s warnings than it first seems, and spends a good deal of time thinking about it. She admits that she is “forever getting Jonathan out of trouble,” implying that she can rationally think her way out of a mess. She senses something sinister in various people, but is uncertain enough about it not to voice strong opinions against them outright. Arabella knows something is wrong with Emma but cannot be certain of what it is. She is leery of trusting others too easily, and is open to new ideas and moving about, but doesn’t actively seek new inspiration.

Enneagram: 6w5 so/sp

She is suspicious and distrustful, warning Jonathan about the spell that showed him “my worst enemy” and it being Norrell. She does not want him to travel in Lost Hope, the roads beyond the mirrors, because they do not know what lays behind them, and he could get hurt or killed. She does not welcome the attentions of the Gentleman, even if he seems charming, and rejects his various kindness, while questioning his motives. She does not like her husband going off to war, since it may get him killed. But, like a true 6, she can also be fun-loving and good-natured, willing to forgive Jonathan his faults. Her nature is helping, supporting, and moralizing. She expresses her anger in no uncertain terms, and disapproves of bad behavior. Her 5 wing is independent in its thinking, oriented toward knowledge, and self-reliant.