Norrell loves nothing more than in-depth research, so much so that he has the largest single library of books about magic in England. He spends most of his time there, reading, and objects to the idea of carrying books about (“No, they ought to be in a library!”). He is very based in the moment, very studious and careful in his approach to magic, and inclined to form habits. He does not like it when things change, or the unexpected catches him off guard, but he has some small respect for traditional magic and old prophecies. Tragically for Lady Pole, Norrell does not see the “big picture” of his bargain with the Gentleman until it is much too late, and there is nothing he can do about it. Though greatly excited by new knowledge and manifestations of new magic, Norrell doesn’t like moving to London or serving the military on the battlefield (he refuses). He is not always creative in inventing new magic at the spur of the moment. He is direct and businesslike. He has no patience for fools, nor those who do not take what they do seriously and work hard at perfecting the art. Norrell is a decent planner who effectively strips all the fake magicians in England of their ability to call themselves magicians, leaving him as one of the few known true magicians in existence. When dealing with problems, he takes the most logical and tactically advantageous route, sometimes sacrificing others’ best interests along the way. His awareness of his own gifts makes him quite arrogant; Norrell also has a problem with caring mostly about his own interests and doing what benefits him, as opposed to thinking how it will impact other people (he barters away half of Lady Pole’s life without at thought, selfishly buys up all the magical books in England so no one else can read them, etc). He cares deeply about magic and is offended if others treat it lightly, but rarely is emotional.

Enneagram: 5w6 sp/so

Norrell cares about knowledge so much, he denies it to everyone else, aggressively buying up books on the craft, reading and absorbing them, and then… not actually practicing much magic until he feels pressured to do so. He constantly cautions Jonathan against thinking outside the box or creating his own spells, assuming he must only use the ones in the books. Childermass has to push him toward using magic and stepping into the public sphere. He is arrogant. He assumes when Jonathan speaks highly of a wizard, he is speaking of Norrell! He loves praise and admiration, and feels quite hurt when Jonathan laughs at his feeble spell-casting (he produces only rain), due to the 5’s pride in their original thoughts. Though self-reliant in his logic, and fearful (the prophecy says two wizard will fall, one from arrogance and the other fear) that Jonathan will harm him in some way, Norrell feels anxious to be included, and he enjoys having the company and input of two of his friends (his 6 wing’s influence). He can be numb and unsure how to respond, hiding behind more aggressive folks like Childermass.