Where his employer fixates on the details and uses the past to set a precedent for the future, Childermass keeps his eye on the future and the big picture. He encourages Mr Norrell to enter society, in order to form alliances and expand his authority in the public eye. He patiently watches and waits until the prime moment to move to his advantage, or that of Norrell. His gut instinct causes him to take a swift dislike to certain persons (who later reveal themselves to be truly untrustworthy), as well as have a strong interest in contemplating and pulling apart prophecies. He rather quickly forms correct conclusions about things, and has a very set idea of where he will be in the future (resisting Jonathan’s offer of employment, and adding that he will forever choose an opposing side to keep both Strange and Norrell from monopolizing public opinion). On occasion, Childermass errs because he is quick to leap into things; he stops a bullet for Norrell without thinking, nearly getting himself killed in the process; he runs off with the box intending to reattach Lady Pole’s finger before fully thinking it through. He takes some enjoyment out of practicing magic and becoming “one” with his environment (turning himself into shadows). His advice toward Norrell is always gauged toward practicality and achieving something – such as nudging him to attend a party and socialize, so that he can form alliances and better secure his position in society as a master magician (Ni as well). Childermass is quick to take action that benefits him in some way, and to try and shape his external environment in productive ways. He has an objective view of those around him and is prone to frankness. He is prone to withholding his opinions on most matters, and reveals his distaste more through action than comment – but he can put aside his personal emotions to accomplish a task, such as allowing his enemy to slice open his face in order to pick his pocket. Though he disapproves of Mr Norrell’s actions on many occasions, none of them personally violate his own standards of behavior, so he does not voice a dissenting opinion. Rather, when he has had enough, he asserts his view (“You have made the wrong choice… as usual”) and then departs from Mr Norrell’s service. Though not emotionally demonstrative, he clearly has a conscience and is compassionate toward others.

Enneagram: 8w9 sp/so

He has a calm, no-nonsense approach that rationally sizes other people up, decides whether or not he cares, and shows them no indifference. Childermass embodies the best traits of a healthy 8w9 – calm decisiveness, lack of fear, and a high endurance for his own pain. He shows no fear when Lacelles becomes hysterical and tries to intimidate him, rather he simply asserts his opinions and lets them stand… while he picks the man’s pocket. He is self-reliant and knowledgeable; he benefits a good deal from Norrell’s books but shows little interest in performing much magic, outside his tarot cards. He does not defer to anyone he does not respect, while being impatient with boors and fools. His 9 wing brings in a sense of calm precision and not much fuss.