Stephen is highly aware of and respectful toward the way society works and his place in it. He is a loyal, dutiful servant who notices if anything is amiss and feels a need to correct it. He does not want to become the king of anything, but is happiest serving his traditional role in the household. Stephen does not like the unexpected. Fearful of the consequences of what the gentleman might do, Stephen lives in torment. He is intrigued by New-hope but does not particularly want to live there. He develops a pessimistic attitude toward their fate, based heavily on his own previous experiences (there is no way to escape, therefore we are all doomed). He avoids fraternizing with those lower than himself, in an effort to maintain his reputation. Stephen shows great concern for his mistress and her household, going so far as to appeal to the ‘gentleman’ to do nothing to alarm anyone, or to torment the Stranges. He is somewhat influenced by the gentleman’s emotional appeals and manipulations, and has a gentle and compassionate way about him. His method of operation when dealing with new problems is to ask questions and try to find loopholes around the problem, but Stephen is often overcome by powers he cannot control. He soon despairs and starts encouraging the others merely to submit to their fate, rather than continue to wage war against it.

Enneagram: 9w1 so/sp

Stephen is a gentle and compassionate soul, who does not want to believe the worst of anyone, and who … frankly, gives in rather easily to the Gentleman. He soon sees there is no point in resistance, for there is no escape, and becomes resigned to his fate, pleading with his mistress to stop her attempts to tell the truth, because it’s futile. His passivity implies his desire to maintain a sense of inner peace, and a hatred of any kind of conflict. Emma Pole provides a great deal of it! He tries appeasement and pleading to get the Gentleman to leave Emma lone, but doesn’t often use moral arguments. His own 1 forbids him to do anything cruel, unkind, or wrong, and he exerts power over the Faerie King once he becomes convinced of the “right” of it.