Harry has a vast amount of knowledge about magic, spells, and procedure built up over his many decades of life. He easily remembers these things, which makes him useful to the Charmed ones. He tends to also fuss around the house, wants things just so, and relies a lot on his personal experiences when making decisions. He’s reluctant to talk about his past, and remembers it differently than Charity does. He’s far more concerned with the potential negative consequences of the decisions his girls make, and often cautions them against being impulsive, but has shown a certain amount of impulsivity in the past himself (falling in love with a witch). Facts trump opinions, and he has plenty of both. Harry calmly assesses situations and comes up with solutions. He warns the girls about the consequences of their decisions. He relies very much on book knowledge and prefers to make decisions based on the logic involved. The girls help him to see potential ways to do things; his first line of defense is to take the swiftest action, even if it means erasing someone’s memory, or stabbing them to rid them of a demon. Harry keeps his emotions under wraps, and does not speak much about his former life or experiences. The girls know very little about him. He refuses to give out information against them on principle, and no amount of torture can make him change his mind. He cares deeply for them, but is not gushy in his display of feelings.

Enneagram: 1w2 sp/so

He is “by the book” to the end. He denies himself the physical things he wants because they are “out of bounds.” He empathizes with Macy’s fear of being evil, and often questions the right or wrong of his own choices and those of the girls. He shows disapproval for bad behavior. He is a fussy perfectionist about the house and hates a mess. Harry almost never shows anger, bottling it up inside, but when he does react, it’s with profound disappointment for others’ choices. His 2 wing and fix makes him eager to help. He happily takes care of his girls, and feels melancholy when it seems he has been “re-assigned” away from them. He relies on the structure of the Coven to keep them safe, but is not above questioning its tactics if he feels they are immoral.