Macy chose a profession that involves a lot of systematic thinking and problem-solving. She more than her sisters believes in “there must be another way.” Rather than crack down hard on something just to get it done, she looks for other explanations and reasons out things herself – like figuring out she can use her magic to stop her boyfriend’s heart, thus making him “dead” and no longer a demon host, before starting it again, rather than stabbing him with a blade intended to kill demons. She wants to understand magic and how it works. Her boyfriend has to explain to her why the logical solution and being impersonal does not solve all problems and may be immoral at times. She likes to think cross-contextually when solving problems; thinking both how this could fall out in the future, and of “different ways” to solve things. Macy is somewhat naïve when dealing with other people, and not great at guessing their hidden motivations, but also does not let something go if she senses “something is off.” She reads books to learn more magic, then goes outside the rules and creates her own creative solutions to problems. Macy did not feel quite right until she found out her roots, and was able to connect to them and have a sense of “where I came from” (low Si). She can be somewhat impulsive in her decisions, when it comes to magic and trying new things out, but cautious about new experiences (she’s the most reluctant of the sisters to get into a physical relationship with someone, something “I have no experience in”). Her inferior Fe shows up in two ways, positive and negative. It’s positive in that she wants to be part of a group, she makes decisions with her sisters in mind, and she has a “we” approach to problem solving. It’s not so great in that she routinely makes grievous errors of judgment, when it comes to the feelings of other people. She’s so excited to share learning that she and Maggie have the same father that she never thinks about how hurtful this will be to Maggie, to have her beliefs about her “real” dad undermined without any warning. She can complain under stress, and sometimes blame others for her mistakes.

Enneagram: 6w5 sp/so

She’s driven by fear and cautiousness. Macy is always cautioning her sisters not to be impulsive, to think about the future and how this might play out. She is somewhat suspicious of and distrustful of others’ and their motives at times. If she knows something is wrong, she will pick away at it, read more to figure it out, and then take action to do something about it. She seems to be seeking a safe place in the world, which brings her to her family. Macy needs time to think things through and makes most of her mistakes when acting on impulse. She is very logical and linear in her thought process, such as when Charity mind-wipes her and Macy figures out how to get back her memories. Her 5 wing makes her more withdrawn and avoidant. She turns to books and escapism when threatened. Knowing she is part demon (and therefore might be “evil”) sends her into a panic attack, because the last thing she wants is to “go bad” and lose the support of her loved ones.