Maggie cares all about inclusivity and whether not she “belongs.” When she finds out she is half black, she joins a mixed group to get a feel for it, and asks whether or not it’s all right for her to be there, or if she should use the “special benefits” afforded to mixed-race students. She wants to make sure it’s all right with the group, before she does so. Maggie cares a lot about other people and their feelings, and is quite frank in expressing her own—she is upfront about her anger at finding out the truth about her dad. She uses her empathy skills easily, but also often intrudes on others’ feelings for the greater good. She often wants to know the “why?” of things, but always defaults to trusting her judgments and feelings first, and does not analyze her own motives much. She has “hunches” and “instincts” about things. She places faith in these things, often suggesting others are being deceitful or not being able to explain why she doesn’t want to go there, or trust that person. Maggie is often convinced she’s right, and treats these things like they are “facts,” not unproven instincts. But, she often has profound insights into herself and others, such as figuring out her magic “defense” when she did not yet feel ready for sex with someone. She has an active tert-Se – she can be impulsive and fleshy, engaging in “friends with benefits” and using sex to push forward her relationships. She can be so eager to please her boyfriend, she doesn’t realize he has to be in the right headspace to go through with it, also.

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sp

She tries to get into a sorority in order to “fit in,” and winds up arguing with her sister about why that’s necessary. Maggie manages to blend in anywhere she goes. She is also hardworking, resourceful, and a little competitive, but not to the point of being mean. She can maintain a sense of calm and come out smelling like a rose in bad situations. She wants to throw the biggest parties, have the coolest clothing, and do the most impressive things. Her 2 wing is genuinely helpful, but also a little intrusive in its aggressive tactics. She comes on strong to her boyfriend, in her desire to make him love her. She numbs her intense feelings through escapism magic.