Mel is the most assertive of the three Charmed ones, and the first one to leap into action without thinking of the consequences. As one example, when she sees someone about to “magic out,” she attaches her own magic to them, enabling her to teleport with them—into unknown circumstances. She tends to be impulsive in her decisions, deciding her lover is better off knowing nothing about magic, or their connection, and going through with the mind-wipe to protect her, not realizing that it will change a lot about her life, too (unemployed!). Mel simply doesn’t see how her momentary decisions tie into the bigger picture, so unexpected consequences catch her off guard. She can be pessimistic about the future under stress. She doesn’t understand why her sister wants to be included, or have others’ support – she doesn’t really care what people think about her, or factor them into her decisions much. Mel, when she decides to mind-wipe her partner, is thinking about protecting her through the quickest means possible (Te) but not whether her behavior is intrusive or not – if their places were exchanged, she would hate that happening to her, but she fails to think about that, or put herself in their place. She can be blunt and assertive; when others cross a line, Mel puts them in their place. She’s prone to snap judgments and leaping on ways to accomplish things quickly, which shows her strong Te usage.

Enneagram: 8w7 sp/sx

Mel has a tough-talking, no-nonsense attitude, and she does not put up with nonsense. She manages her anger well, and keeps a cool head even in an intense situation. She pushes back when others push her, and has no problem drawing boundaries. She can have a cynical, suspicious, and distrustful attitude, as well as occasionally have doubts about the wisdom of her decisions. Her abrasive attitude can be off-putting to others, but she also often puts it to use in social causes. She wants to push for feminist/lesbian rights. Her 7 wing doesn’t like to face the negative consequences of her decisions, and seeks distraction in the form of new experiences.