Amy hates it when her entire life changes rapidly, and she must leave her former life behind for one full of frivolities. Unlike her siblings, she does not like to excess-spend money or adopt a haughtier attitude; she endures shame and verbal abuse from them for her inability to “adapt.” Amy confesses that she likes how things “used to be,” and wishes she could have their old life back – because it was more comforting to her; they were “happier” even though they were poorer. She likes to tend her own and her family member’s physical needs. She is a sweet, compassionate girl, often aware of her father’s humiliating haughtiness, begging for money, and his inappropriate social behaviors. She is quick to apologize on his behalf, and trust those who show her kindness. Amy is easily hurt by her vindictive relatives, but also tries to please them by being what they “need” her to be; she struggles between her desire to please them and to be honest, and frank about her feelings and thoughts. She is detached enough to know that her father and siblings’ behaviors are not correct, and to admit to them. She analyzes her own feelings and tries to brush aside anything she deems too fanciful or irrational. She is well spoken and her logic makes sense. Amy can sometimes leap to the wrong conclusions, or read something into a situation that isn’t the truth; she does not much wonder about her father’s circumstances or what wrong was done to him, nor does she engage in fanciful ideas. Amy, however, has a good insight into Arthur’s character and trusts him, as well as others; she dislikes / is suspicious of certain people, with good reason.

Enneagram: 9w1 sp/so

Amy spends most of her time appeasing her father, trying to keep the peace, and fretting when his aggressive tactics of getting money from people (as a 3) causes him and her embarrassment. She does not like conflict, and goes along with her family’s desires for her without complaint, feeling a strong sense of duty in her need to take care of them and cater to their needs (her 1 wing). She can be passive and not stand up for herself enough, seeking comfort in what is familiar and comfortable to her (the prison where she grew up, the people she loves most). She can become anxious and distrustful of others under stress (moving to 6). She finds herself most at home when she is serving and helping others – she is the first person to act “like a servant.” She LIKES to sew her father’s shirts. She wants to sew on Arthur’s button! Doing things for others makes her feel like she has a place in their lives; she hates being idle and “useless” and becomes frustrated with the life of a lady. She is self-reliant and protective of her loved ones, but also can be fiery when her boundaries are stepped over (she tells Arthur she wishes he would not interfere in things he knows nothing about, she is more forthcoming with her anger, and she has no interest in marriage unless it is with someone whom she forms a strong spark).