Hamlet’s judgments guide all his perceptions – his dislike of his mother’s remarriage so soon after his father’s death leads him to defy and suspect Claudius. He forms an almost instant attraction to Ophelia and pursues her on a romantic level, without consideration of the social consequences. He decides to marry her, so they can be together, in secret, with no thought for the later potential consequences for the crown as the Prince of Denmark. His desire to provoke his uncle and force him to reveal the truth about his father’s murder places an entire theatrical troupe in danger of their lives. He senses something amiss in his household almost immediately, and starts theorizing on what happened. He is quick to believe Ophelia when she tells him what she witnessed with his own eyes. Hamlet often engages in wordplay, poetry and metaphors, choosing to communicate with her in multi-layered language. Out of all the ways he could have found out the truth, Hamlet decides to pretend to be insane and unnerve everyone around him. He is somewhat sentimental, and prefers to go off his insights and test them, rather than carefully gather evidence. Hamlet simply does not logically consider the consequences of his actions, and uses his Te primarily to plan what he should do next.

Enneagram: 6w7 sx/so

Hamlet does not trust his own mind, and he does not trust anyone else. He is inconsistent, erratic, suspicious, even downright paranoid at times. He moves aggressively toward his uncle, then backs off when Ophelia challenges him. He over-thinks everything and when he does act, it’s with passion and impulsiveness. His 7 wing makes him more aggressive and flightier when provoked, but also does not want to believe the worst in people. Even at his most determined, Hamlet is still aware of the dangerous position he is in, and tells Ophelia to run away and hide herself in a nunnery for safety’s sake. Like many 6s, his emotions are intense — he is wildly in love with Ophelia, and incredibly romantic about his gestures. His moods go up and down.