Gertrude is very aware of how other people perceive her, and tries to mediate situations to keep them positive. She notices the connections and tensions between others, such as when she likens ladies to “hens” pecking at each other, and asks why the other ladies pick on Ophelia. She can be somewhat persuaded by Claudius to indulge him, but also strong in her moral opinions (she refuses to cheat on the king with him). She urges Hamlet to keep the peace, and when Claudius makes a scene in front of the court, she reminds him that everyone is watching. She acts primarily on her feelings – after seeing what Claudius does to Hamlet, she retaliates and then escapes the consequences by taking her life into her own hands. On occasion, she slows low Ti’s desire to fully understand things. She ties things heavily to her own experiences, remarking on how different her life is from her upbringing. Gertrude holds onto things from her past, keeping her connection to her sister despite their differences. She repeats a lot of her decisions, choosing stability through her marriages, bringing new ladies into her household, and believes what she sees right in front of her – that Hamlet and Ophelia are both mad. She does not sense her sister’s lover (“I guessed everyone but him”) and is not quick to figure out Ophelia’s secret (“I thought you debased yourself with a lesser man, now I know you seek a higher one!”). But she reverses her stance on Claudius when she finds out the true nature of his cruelties.

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sx

Gertrude is always aware of how others respond to her, and adapts to her new situations easily – she shows very little of her true feelings and wears different faces with her ladies. She is more tender and open around Ophelia, more graceful and kind with the rest of her ladies, more passionate and fiery around her husband. She does not like to seem uncontrolled, or to have others respond to her negatively. Her 2 wing desires loves and is unfulfilled in her sexless marriage. It reaches out to Ophelia, intending to “help” her by raising her position.