Ophelia instinctively knows who she is, how she feels about everything, and what she wants out of her life, and when Hamlet refuses to let go of his desire for revenge… she walks away from him. She continues to be true to herself, even when the other girls judge her for it – going for swims in the river, wandering the woods, etc., and it is this independent spirit that draws the queen’s attention to her. Ophelia refuses to become a plaything for Hamlet, and insists upon marriage before she will lie with him. She can be blunt and authoritative when pushed – asserting herself strongly and refusing to back down, but also intensely private about her personal life. When her life is threatened, Ophelia takes a rational approach to saving herself – using an idea she learned from someone else to save her life. She loves to immerse herself in nature, and would far more rather be having fun in the woods than stuck indoors. She notices and touches things inside the witch’s cabin in the woods, prompting the woman to share her secrets with her. Ophelia is highly observant, and misses very little in her environment – she sees the queen kissing her brother-in-law through a window, she explores the ramparts hoping not to find them there, she recognizes a cloak she glimpsed in the woods. She physically intervenes to keep another girl from rape, and threatens to douse a man with hot water if he tries a similar tactic with her. Ophelia also shows strong flits of Ni insight, such as when she figures out, with no evidence to support it, that Claudius betrayed his lover and set the villagers against them. She tests him to determine if this is true.

Enneagram: 9w8 sp/so

Ophelia reacts instinctively to situations, either with her strong opinions or a sense of what is appropriate and the right decision to make. She tries not to draw too much attention to herself among the other girls, to be pleasing and submissive to the queen, and to encourage Hamlet to do the right thing, but her 8 wing makes her stand up for others whenever they are being harassed. She throws a pitcher of water over a young man who wants to rape a maid; she knees her would-be rapist between the legs, and she defies the king. But she can also be submissive, compassionate, good-natured, and ethereal. Ophelia has ideas about how the world should be, and wants to live by them. Her 8 wing allows her to have standards and act on them, while being a pleasant and agreeable young woman. But she can also have an explosive temper (she threatens a maid with physical harm unless she tells Ophelia the truth about Hamlet).