Tavington is impatient and driven toward immediate gratification and solutions. He is good at improvising in the moment. He enjoys the threat and action of battle, and Cornwallis frequently complains that he rushes in too soon rather than waiting for the command. He shows a keen attentiveness to his environment, both in his silent appreciation of its beauty (his curiosity toward a firefly) and in its opportunities for action. He reacts quickly and knows how to get what he want and assert himself with total confidence. Though he struggles to foresee the consequences of his brutality, Tavington can also plan in the long term. He’s able to turn his narrow focus toward one goal—destroying Benjamin Martin, and forcing him out of hiding, and is largely successful at it. A dream of future recognition as a land owner drives him forward (inferior Ni). He has no compassion for anyone that doesn’t matter to him personally. He is driven toward his own self-gratification; he’s ashamed of his father’s behavior in England, and determined to make a name for himself in the Colonies. Tavington uses his ability to read people to manipulate and hurt them; he tries to bait Benjamin into taking action against him, so he has an excuse to kill him. He remains focused on what he wants for himself, and his independent streak causes him to often disobey orders, disregard the rules of war, and act on his emotions. His tactical skills leave something to be desired (he sometimes plans, but more often improvises) but he is comfortable making decisive orders and has no tolerance for anyone who argues with him. Tavington keeps easy control of his men and is well aware of the logical repercussions of his later actions, which forces him to strive to barter for alternatives (if I do this for you, Cornwallis, I want Ohio). He tends toward over-confidence.

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sp

Tavington is an ambitious social climber who is also concerned with appearances, and with putting himself forward; when others are discussing land grants and the new aristocracy, he asks if perhaps what he is doing would be enough to get him one. He says his father squandered their fortune in England, which forces him to make a name for himself in battle in the hopes of earning a living. He negotiates with Cornwallis for “Ohio” as a land grant, in exchange for doing his dirty work for him (he says if he goes after the Ghost, he will need to do things which will get him ostracized from polite society in England; he will never be able to go home). He is also assertive and reacts too quickly, taking his men into battle without permission and causing Cornwallis to “lose his center guard.” His desire is to accomplish things quickly and to earn respect, fear, and advancement, without caring who gets hurt in the process. His tendency toward brutality causes him some conflict with Cornwallis, who does not like his tactics. Tavington works hard to assure his own material security, focusing on what he can get out of the war, and wanting to appear successful, but also not wanting to brag about it. His 2 wing is prideful and wants to be seen as important and necessary; he promotes himself as Cornwallis’ alley in being able to do the dirty work that Cornwallis doesn’t want to do, in exchange for “favors” which he thinks he is owed for sacrificing his reputation in the process.