Function Order: Se-Ti-Fe-Ni

Kate dragged her sister on vacation to Mexico to get over her boyfriend, who dumped Lisa because she was “boring.” Once there, she gets Lisa to participate in endless new things, from romantic dates with total strangers to getting in a shark cage. Her “fix” for her sister is to get her to participate in intense sensations. Once everything goes wrong, Kate takes the initiative in swimming above the cage to get within radio distance to communicate with the ship. She stays calm in an intense situation, and logically thinks her way through problems – from fixing her air tank to getting in radio contact. Kate rationalizes away her sister’s objections to getting into the tank through lower Fe manipulation – attacking her sore spot (that her boyfriend called her “boring”) and pointing out that an awesome photo with a great white shark would “show him.” She admits to her own feelings (being scared but also excited) easily, and is able to talk her sister down when she becomes hysterical in the shark cage. She takes most of the risks, and never once thinks about the potential consequences. For Kate, it’s all about living in the here and now.

Enneagram: 7w8 so/sp

She wants to distract her sister with “fun things” rather than deal with Kate’s deeper emotional trauma of being dumped because she’s boring. Kate uses that to manipulate her sister into an intense experience, which she doesn’t want to have without her. She maintains an optimistic attitude about their odds of survival even when things look dire, and that ambition to live keeps her trying hard to find solutions. She believes she’s “helping” her sister break out of her shell, and her 8 wing fix brings in a little hedonism and confidence. She thinks less about the safety issues involved and more about introducing her sister to a good time and getting an intense experience.