Lisa has an almost constant monologue going about her feelings on being dumped, her desire not to get in the shark cage, and her freaking out about being at the bottom of a shark-infested ocean in a thin cage. She wants to talk at length about her emotions and does so—until her sister drags her along on an “adventure.” Lisa allows herself to get talked into entering the shark cage, out of a desire to impress her ex. She has never ventured outside her comfort zone, instead staying in a simple life—unlike her Se-using sister, who is known for her madcap adventures and intense experiences. Lisa is apprehensive about doing things she is not familiar with (deep sea diving) but her lower Ne also wants to explore new possibilities, which opens her up into trying it. She handles one problem at a time as things go wrong, focusing on the details, and having a somewhat pessimistic expectation of what is going to happen next (owing to her being a 6). She’s caught in a low Ti fixation of figuring out what went wrong, and being upset over her ex thinking her “boring.” But when in an intense situation, Lisa rises to the occasion, calms herself down, and uses rational thinking to problem solve.

Enneagram: 6w7 sp/so

From early on, Lisa does not think this is a good idea. She doesn’t want to trust a couple of guys they just met. She objects to getting in a shark cage on a dingy looking boat, because, as she reminds her sister, the hotel told them to only book through the hotel. She sees a great white shark and feels absolutely terrified, well aware of the danger. She has her doubts about the cage’s safety and the crane lowering them into the water. She panics and wants to go “back up” as soon as it gets too intense. Basically, fear dominates all of her decisions. Once the worst happens, she’s the “safe” sister, the most anxious about the things she can’t see (sharks) and doesn’t want her sister to risk her life too much by taking off her oxygen tank or swimming up a few feet. Lisa becomes more courageous as the film goes on, able to take risks in order to save her own life. Her 7 wing is what drove her to get into the cage, to travel to Mexico, and attempt to run away from her feelings in distracting herself through exciting adventures. Her 9 fix hates conflict and allows her to  be persuaded to go against her better judgment. Her 2 thinks she can earn her sister’s love by pleasing her and going along with her ideas.