Colin has had one goal throughout his short-lived professional career, to break into the movies. He’s willing to sit around in Sir Laurence Olivier’s secretary’s office until a job opens up, if that’s what it takes! Once hired, Colin wastes almost no time in forming strong intuitive opinions about the cast members. When Marilyn asks him why Olivier is so mean to her, Colin says that both of them want to be the other person – she wants to be a “great actor” and he wants to be a “great star,” but that this movie will “do that for neither of them.” He also tells her that other people do not understand her like he does. He is aware of, and easily impacted, by others’ feelings – watching Marilyn and Olivier interact and seeing how she is emotionally damaged by it makes him sensitive toward her emotional needs. He continually tells others that she needs “support and praise, not criticism.” He becomes enamored of her, once she singles him out for attention, and willingly does whatever she asks. But he also has a rational side – he figures out how to get a job with the company he wants to work for, and how to climb up the ranks into a more important position. He focuses on pleasing Olivier as an unpaid intern, which then gets him a paid position and opens professional doors for him. His inferior Se manifests in his impulsive behavior – running around with Marilyn, going swimming with her, and risking his professional career, reputation, and relationship with another woman in the process. He needs an outlet for his sexual desires, so after seeing Marilyn naked, runs off to make out with the wardrobe girl.

Enneagram: 2w3 sp/sx

Colin earns affection through being “useful.” He makes himself invaluable to Olivier as a clerk, then to Marilyn as a friend. He’s eager for her to like him and receptive to her favors and attention. Willing to offer her sincere compliments and encourage her, and put aside her fears. He hates conflict and often conceals his harsher opinions, in order to help others like him more. His 3 wing makes him ambitious and desire to impress others. He is hard-working and opportunistic, leaping on the chance to act as a secretary and all-around go-getter for anything anyone needs (which will lead to greater responsibilities and hopefully, the fame and fortune he seeks later).