Edwin notices everything, but sometimes fails to process its meaning in a broader context – he notices his old portrait of Rosa on his uncle’s wall, but doesn’t connect it immediately to his uncle harboring feelings toward his intended wife. He enjoys self-indulgence in sensory ways, wanting to walk about in the midst of a storm, challenging other men to fist-fights to settle disputes, and loving sensory pleasures (wanting more music, more food, more wine). MINISERIES SPOILER. He impulsively drops everything and goes off on an adventure, without informing anyone of his intentions! Causing all of his friends and family much distress, and accusations of murder toward his enemies. In that way, he can be short-sighted, although he does perceive (eventually) his uncle’s feelings for Rosa. His feelings are not attached to the emotional environment around him; he is so enjoying hearing Rosa sing, he bullies her into a second performance, then becomes indignant when someone calls him on it. He says what he thinks and feels, regardless of how others take it, and he assumes that Rosa shares his feelings – he is shocked when she does not, and in fact, is elated they won’t have to marry each other… just as he is about to propose! He shows little Te development, in terms of thinking through his decisions rationally, but instead arranges things as he likes them and impulsively follows his desires.

Enneagram: 7w8 sp/so

Edwin takes absolutely nothing seriously. He often takes life, in fact, as a joke – something Rosa does not like about him. He is playful, funny, and flippant. It takes a good deal for him to use serious consideration. If he doesn’t get what he wants, he runs away rather than dealing with his hurt feelings. His 8 wing shows in his aggression whenever anyone challenges or insults him – he wants to take it from an argument or a disagreement into a personal dispute or even a fistfight. But his 7 wants to keep things nice, and make things pleasant afterward. He also tends to forgive his uncle easily, and absolve him of all his sins.