Rosa has built her life around the expectation of fulfilling their fathers’ wishes for herself and Edwin, by agreeing to a marriage she isn’t sure she wants. She tolerates it, because she wants to honor the dead memory of their fathers. But as the day grows closer, Rosa begins to question whether she wants to marry him at all. She asks what real love feels like, wonder if she’s in love (she isn’t sure), and then seeks permission from the family lawyer as to whether or not she can break the engagement. She is more concerned with property than Edwin, refusing to make a scene when he demands she play the piano for them all, lecturing him on leaving without informing anyone (and scaring them all), and being aware that John Jasper “has feelings for me.” She pours out her heart, fears, and anxieties to Helena upon a short acquaintance, and assumes she speaks for Edwin Drood as well when telling him they needn’t marry. Rosa has had enough encounters with her music tutor to sense an unnatural attentiveness in his behavior, and for it to build her up into a state of prolonged anxiety. She submits to the idea of her future life with Edwin with resignation, accepting that “this is how things are done” in her time period. You marry the person your father chooses. Her personal experiences with Jasper lead her gradually to become more suspicious of him, his motives, and his intentions, but she spends little time openly speculating or theorizing on what happened. Her inferior Ti shows in her occasionally sharp judgments about others (she sees the other girls as insipid and silly) and in her inability to detach herself from others’ expectations until she is confident it’s “all right” not to want to fulfill her father’s wishes.

Enneagram: 6w7 sp/so

Rosa is cautious and apprehensive about what John Jasper may do, so she takes great pains not to provoke him early on in their relationship. She admits to Helena she is “afraid” of him, and seeks allies and/or reassurances as a means of self-protection – fleeing to a safe house when she feels threatened, and finding others to protect her. She does defend herself with Jasper, refusing to give him an inch, and escapes the situation when it becomes too intense. She is suspicious of him as soon as Edwin goes missing. Her 7 wing causes her to run away from difficult situations, and seek protection in others. She feels anxious on her own and does not want to confront Jasper, so she escapes the orphanage and disappears to a safe place.