Holt returns from the war and isn’t entirely pleased to find his entire life turned upside-down. He was looking forward to returning to his horses and former life, as a source of stability. Even when given the chance to reinvent himself with elephants, he still wants to go back to what he knows best – being a trick rider. It’s hard for him to adjust, and for him to wrap his head around his daughter wanting to be something far different from what they are – she doesn’t want people staring at her, or to be noticed, and she wants to pursue science instead of the life of a circus performer. Holt doesn’t put much thought into “new ways” of life, and thinks science is a bit “out there” until his daughter shows it to him and he can then visualize its significance to her. When Holt returns home and finds their furniture and horses sold, he laments that “at least my kids could have learned USEFUL SKILLS.” Meaning, a circus act so they could eat tonight. He doesn’t understand pursuing a passion ahead of what’s financially feasible. Even though elephants are not his passion or even his interest, he undertakes taking care of them because it puts food on the table. He tells his kids sometimes you have to do things you don’t like for practical reasons. Due to the loss of his arm and losing his wife, he spends a some time in a Fi loop, where he’s emotionally isolated from his kids. He admits he doesn’t know how to connect to them, and “their mother was better at talking to them.” But he feels things deeply, and has a great deal of compassion for animals. When Holt is angry about something, he talks with his actions and not his words (punching the man who was teasing / abusing Mrs. Jumbo, mounting a rescue operation to save her).

Enneagram: 9w8 sp/so

Holt can be rather passive when confronted with difficult situations. He’s angry about things, but also puts them aside and “gets on with” his life rather than provoke excess trouble. He’s amiable and kindhearted, but shows aggression when provoked. He likes to find a pleasant way to solve disputes, and when that fails, he uses his fists when necessary. Holt tolerates things longer than he should, but then takes decisive action to bring about good things (mounting a rescue operation, confronting the bad guys, etc). He cares how others see him, and wants to be part of the larger group (the circus) while also providing for his own needs, and his children’s needs.