Gault is the polar opposite of Frank Hamer. He’s warm, personable, charismatic, and inclusive of involving other people in their mission. Frank often sends him in to talk to people, because “people like you.” Gault is simply nicer, more approachable, and better able to sense how to connect to other people – such as the child at the well, when he talks about his daughter and how she has her own child now, and then takes out the photograph of Clyde and tells the little girl he does bad things and hurts people. When they run up against social political rules (their lack of jurisdiction in the surrounding states), he suggests forming an alliance with local law enforcement so they do not step on any toes. For the most part, Gault is good at thinking things through but allows Frank to do most of the planning in terms of catching Bonnie and Clyde. He has been so long retired, he’s surprised to find the world changed – and quite excited about the new things it offers (like police radios!). Gaunt relies on his experience with Frank to know he’s trustworthy, but also his negative traits and blind spots. He’s willing to reminisce to foster a tone of cooperation with law enforcement (building a connection with Fe, through specific details and memories). Frank tries one method as long as it works, then discards it, and casts about for a new idea. He admits that he doesn’t have “many” of them. 

Enneagram: 2w1 sp/so

He establishes how he gets affection right from the start – when he sees his hungry grandson eyeing his biscuit and gives it to him. He sees Frank parked outside his house, and when he doesn’t come in, tracks him down and asks to “help him” with whatever he’s about to do. He persistently asks if he can drive, in case Frank gets tired. But unlike Frank, he has a moralistic slant to his helpfulness – he objects when Frank breaks the law, when he beats up innocent people, and when he wants to open fire without a warning. And in a way, Gault has an influence on him – they do warn Bonnie and Clyde and give them a chance to surrender. He seeks alliances, backup, and support, and makes friends easily.