Miles ditches school and goes out after hours, to bond with his uncle and leave his artwork plastered all over the city on the front of stickers. It’s become a game for him to do this without getting caught. When sucked into a fight between Spider-Man and a villain, Miles watches from the sidelines, but also debates whether he should “get involved.” He isn’t above winging it in a situation, deciding to steal a computer when he can’t figure out what information they need. When Peter Parker tells him to “stay put,” Miles rushes headfirst into a dangerous situation, believing he can handle it. He’s impulsive, even before he learns how his powers work, and doesn’t want anyone else taking a risk “for” him. His low Ni doesn’t suspect his uncle’s true identity until confronted with the facts; he does sense that others are being “pulled” out of their multiple dimensions, and worries about them “dying” the longer they stay in his universe. He frets about fitting in and not being up to the external standards of the other kids in the schools, thinking he’s not “smart” enough to be one of them, and feeling slightly ashamed of his humble beginnings. He miscalculates how to interact with them, and can’t even “fake” coolness when his uncle (an ESTP) tells him to be suave. Miles has to be himself, and himself involves being a somewhat “dorky” dude when it comes to interacting with the opposite sex. As soon as an alternate dimension Spider-Man falls into his universe, Miles sees the potential in him – that he can pick up where the last one left off, and “teach me things.” He points out the obvious sometimes, such as how this Spider-Man has “taught me nothing useful.” When confronted with bad situations, Miles heads straight for the quickest resolution –steal the computer, send his friends back to their dimensions, seal the portal.

Enneagram: 7w6 so/sp

Miles is a good-natured, fun-loving kid, who is just out to have a good time and doesn’t really feel at home in a high pressure, grades-centric place. It triggers his anxiety and sends him back into a world of easy distractions – running away from his worries and thoughts through his art and by leaving his signature all over the city. He even cracks jokes in dangerous situations! His 6 wing is somewhat anxious, and wants to rely on Peter Parker to teach him how to be a good Spider-Man (“we” can do this!). He wants to help everyone and launches into action on their behalf; he often puts himself at risk for the greater good.