Chuck orients his entire life around sensory possibilities and engaging in them to the fullest, to the extent that his father looks down on him for “wasting” his time on living in the moment. He’s ambitious and aware enough to sense a burlesque club is a good investment, but often his tendency to react in the moment and not stop to consider the consequences backfires—the most extreme example being his guardian tricking him into being caught in his father’s office with a pair of hookers, half drunk “on the job.” Chuck’s massive failures are all linked to his tendency to read and react to situations instantly on a surface level, never thinking about how they will sabotage his later successes (him throwing Blair away in pursuit of hedonistic pleasures, which causes her to move on to someone else; assuming his stepmother is stepping out on his father and leaping to the wrong conclusion; using underhanded tactics to get “revenge” that put his future in peril). He’s logical and opportunistic, able to point out the flaws in other people’s thinking and sway them to his perspective using charm. Chuck can be a successful strategist and businessman when he sets his mind to it, but spends a lot of his time and energy in lower Fe tactics – trying to appeal to other people, charm them, and when that fails, finding ways to lash out at them and cause them to feel upset, pain, or put in their place. He actually enjoys this so much, he sometimes sabotages his own success just to take someone down a notch. Chuck is also unable to connect to his true feelings or understand them, but is adept at reading and often correctly interpreting Blair’s feelings for him.

Enneagram: 8w7 sp/sx

Chuck is calm, confident and… yet pursues life with great passion and determination to have all it can offer him. He’s prone to over-indulgences and loves a power struggle, since he almost always comes out on top. He handles Blair with calm resolve and self-confidence, assuming he can get whatever he wants, with whatever tactics he wants. He tends to see emotions as weaknesses and refuses to admit to them, finding it difficult to connect to his feelings for Blair. His 7 wing causes him to run away from unpleasant situations and hide in simple sensory pleasures, in excess.