Jenny has her pulse on what is popular; Blair’s mother hires her to work in her designer clothing store because she’s young, hip, aware of unique styles, creative in putting them together, and opportunistic. She’s able to find new and interesting ways to pitch her ideas to other people (using an engagement party and “flash bombing” models wearing her clothes) and is forever pushing toward her future. But her main issue is reactively acting in the moment for what she wants, without thought of the fall out – her naïve belief she can divorce her family without them knowing it, her running away from home and thinking she can just live off her friends, her attacking Blair when Blair is down and assuming Blair can’t regain control over the group and exact revenge (inferior Ni). Jenny can be impatient about her ambitions and want them to happen now, as if she feels a urgency to get there (Se) instead of working for long-term visions (Ni). Jenny knows what she wants and does and does not like, and often asserts it – she has two sides to her nature – a generous and loving daughter and friend, and a self-important spoiled brat. She often reacts out of her own feelings without realizing how they will impact other people (such as being angry Serena did not cancel her Sweet Sixteen party, and turning it into a rave, which trashes Lily’s apartment) – and then it all blows up in her face, brings disharmony with her loved ones, and causes her stress because she doesn’t like conflict. She can be incredibly hard-working and individualistic, knowing that she can’t always assert herself and expect to advance socially or keep her job (Te). She uses the easiest methods to accomplish her work on time and come up with ways to self-market.

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sp

Jenny adapts to whatever situation she is in, according to what the circumstances demand – but it’s all an act to further her social climbing and achievements. She’s quick to volunteer at school to do things for the popular girls, in the hopes of making them like her. She bends over backwards to please Blaire’s mother and even allows her to take credit for her work, in the hope it will lead to better future things (her own clothing line). As the series progresses, Jenny becomes more and more full of herself, focused on her image, and determined to succeed – and she starts throwing people under the bus on her way up. Under stress, she disintegrates into 6. She hesitates before striking out on its own, and can be self-doubting at times.