Blair responds to everything that happens to her proactively, by finding some way to fix or improve the situation through practical means. She will use any piece of evidence to gain a leg up, and help her accomplish her goals – even if that includes blackmailing a teacher at the school with evidence of her sexual affair with a student. She often had to clean up Serena’s messes whenever Serena got drunk and proved herself capable. She gets straight A’s at school and will tolerate nothing less, and can be a ruthless “commander” of her little gang of minions, dictating the rules to them and having no problem enforcing them. Her Fi is the cause of a lot of problems in her life – in her total self-absorption and her childish behavior, which shows how under-developed her emotions are (general pettiness, temper tantrums, being unable to support her father’s emotional needs, going into full-blown meltdowns, being oblivious to and dismissive of her feelings for Chuck and how strong they are, and unable to admit she loves him). Her ex comments on his inability to understand why she watches the same movies all the time; it’s a sense of sameness and comfort for her, and Blair has a terrible time with embracing change that she does not want – she constantly compares now to how it used to be, sometimes finding the “now” does not live up to how it was before; she has little rituals that ground her, and likes to hold to them – making the same pumpkin pie, eating certain things at certain times of the year, hosting parties as “usual.” Blair very much knows “how the world works” and how to play the game; she’s annoyed when others do not toe the line. She also, early on, pursues a traditional lifestyle, expecting to marry her high school boyfriend because… that’s what people do. They fall in love and get married and live normal lives. When she doesn’t get into the school she has wanted, she goes into something of a tailspin and becomes paranoid, freaking out about how her life is all going to go wrong (lower Ne). Blair is not great at reading between the lines accurately, although she can sense what’s going on with the people she cares about most (based on their experiences together).

Enneagram: 3w4 so/sp

Blair is all about presenting an attractive image for other people to respond to – and wearing different faces with people. At school, she is the undisputed queen bee. At home, she’s a lazy socialite. With Chuck, she puts on the front of a distant and competitive untouchable, above such common feelings as love. But whenever anyone threatens her security, her future, or her much-laid goals and plans for the future, she falls apart into a quivering mass of insecurities. Her 3 feels threatened. Her 4 wing brings a sense of superiority and drama.