Dan figures out how to hack the system he feels such disdain for, through a cunning means of manipulation — he establishes an online presence as Gossip Girl, and then ruthlessly uses battle tactics to conceal his identity, sometimes putting out degrading information about himself and his loved ones to achieve his intended goal of wielding power over the rich and famous that he so despises. He tends to analyze rather than experience things, wanting to observe others and think about them, rather than engage with them. He assumes things will come easily to him, such as his lackluster writing and being surprised when his professor doesn’t fall all over him with admiration (he didn’t show any initiative, follow through, come up with a plan, or show any work ethic). His inferior Fe can be hypocritical and selfish – judging Serena for her romantic affairs while having gone through a slew of one night stands during their breakup. He has no problem asserting his opinions or his stance on things, or calling out others on their misbehavior. He takes things at face value, often to his own downfall – he falls for all kinds of lies and deceptions about Serena and her friendships, he fails to notice when others are playing him, and he can be too quick to leap into action and/or into a relationship on the rebound. He’s a massive risk taker, and not always good at thinking about the consequences of his actions (sleeping with a teacher, and how it will damage both their reputations; hopping into bed with total strangers on first dates; flouting convention and throwing away opportunities because they do not interest him). His Ni shows in his tendency to reach singular conclusions and stick to them, sometimes stubbornly denying there’s any other way of accomplishing something. But he does have a singular focus for his life (he wants to be a successful writer) that he works toward.

Enneagram: 5w4 sx/so

He’s bookish and intellectual, but also reluctant to participate in life all that much. His professor gets on him for writing “boring” stories that have no life experience behind them. When Dan uses Chuck to flesh out a story character, his professor loves it – but instead of going out and trying to BE Chuck, Dan just studies more of Chuck, showing a hands-off approach to life also reflected in his virginity when it comes to Serena. He has no experience, has never experimented or tried it, and turns to porn and books to figure out how to do it. His 4 wing brings in a dose of elitism and lack of interest in how others see him, though he is also ambitious and self-confident in his skills.