Serena’s life is pretty much one giant Se/Ni imbalance – with her constantly leaping on situations and opportunities without thinking them through, because it’s easier to act in the moment for her, rather than think about the consequences of her actions. She makes this mistake in everything from shopping for pregnancy tests for her friends (leading to everyone thinking she’s pregnant) to sleeping with the wrong guy while drunk and then skipping town out of guilt. She often fails to look beyond the surface of things, such as needing Dan to tell her about her grandmother’s manipulations rather than simply accepting her word for it. She thinks through nothing – not how her hedonistic behavior will impact her future romantic relationships or college ambitions, and is left scrambling to “fix the mess” later on, almost when it’s too late. It takes her a long time to develop her thinking about the future and even then she’s easily distracted from it. Serena is warm-hearted and generous, helpful to her friends and full of love for her boyfriend… but she also cannot process her feelings with other people. If anything bad happens, Serena runs away from it, hides, and works through it herself. She does not much care what others think of her, and doesn’t need their approval on whom she dates. She sometimes conflicts with others, over her need to deal with things on her own. In so doing, she becomes absorbed in her own feelings and doesn’t know how to be a “good friend” (her admission), like when she leaves town with guilt over sleeping with Blair’s boyfriend and then doesn’t call her when Blair’s dad skips out on the family and runs off with a male model. (She didn’t know what to say, so she said nothing.) When she wants something, she figures out how to get it. She can also lay down a verbal smack-down when she’s had enough.

Enneagram: 7w8 so/sx

Serena’s solution to anything she doesn’t want to deal with is to – run away. Or distract herself with experiences. She feels guilty about sleeping around? She runs away, leaves school, dumps her friends, comes back when she’s feeling better about herself. She used to drown her sorrows in booze and partying, leading to quite a reputation as a troublemaker and all-around “problem” at school. Her 7 doesn’t want to face her flaws or her unhappiness, and her 8 wing brings in a hedonistic tendency to over-indulge – she goes off on drugs and alcohol-induced benders, she sleeps around indiscriminately, and then is left trying to clean up her mess. She often takes big risks, and does not think much about taking good care of herself, her health, or her body’s needs beyond sex and food.