Maxim is the poster-child for unhealthy Si – everything in his life ties back to his dead wife. He lives in an unhealthy loop of repeated behaviors, unable to break free of them until he finds a woman to love – and then he brings her home to the same house, which has not changed, the same staff, the same routines, the same parties. And finds himself slipping into the same dark moods and paranoid thoughts. Maxim finds himself comparing the two women, and finds relief in that his second wife is nothing like the first – a total opposite. That’s the only way he can break free, but he does not truly pull away from Rebecca until forced to leave the house behind and start anew on the continent. He is blunt and straightforward. Maxim shines in an emergency, because he takes natural charge of the boats on the beach and directs the rescue operation. He asserts what he wants, and tells his wife she should not hide from Mrs. Danvers or shy away from the truth. He wants her to be honest and open with him. And, he spends a lot of time in intense brooding. He can be withdrawn and difficult for her to read, lost in his feelings, and inclined to shut her out. He doesn’t express his true emotions – he just blurts them out in detached terms. His inferior Ne often plays out worst case scenarios as to what will happen to him, if the police find out the truth. He is also blind to the influence of Mrs. Danvers on his bride.

Enneagram: 1w9 sp/so

Maxim married an unhealthy and assertive 8 wife named Rebecca, who informed him mere days after their marriage that she didn’t intend to give up her sexual indiscretions, but she knew he would tolerate them for the sake of duty—and he did, for many years, allowing her to conduct affairs in London for the sake of his pride and responsibility to Manderley. It’s only when she threatened him with a pregnancy that wasn’t his child, and taunted him about a bastard inheriting his beloved land and home (maligning his family honor) that he snapped and killed her. He felt justified in getting rid of her, and has a harsh view of immorality as a result. He becomes angry if his new wife seems inclined toward scandal, even if she’s only teasing him or making an innocent remark. His sister says that he almost never gets angry, but when he does, he “hits the roof.” Indeed, Maxim loses his temper several times, once punching a man in the face who tries to blackmail him and then makes salacious implications about his new wife (that they might “share” her). When someone tries to threaten him with blackmail, he calls his bluff – and then calls the police, willing to risk his own liberty rather than “give in” to someone who will “plague us the rest of our lives.” He can be rude (such as when he tells off an entire room full of people for trying to toast his dead wife). His 9 wing brings in a desire to keep a peaceful relationship, and he doesn’t like his new wife becoming distraught or causing Mrs. Danvers to get upset, but also makes him idealistic, strongly principled, and he finds it hard to back down once he has made up his mind. He also moves to 4 whenever he gets upset—becoming over-reactive and feeling unsure, pulling away from his new wife, even accusing her of doing things intentionally to hurt his feelings.