Function Order: Fi-Ne-Si-Te

Her feelings toward Maxim dominate the story and shape her views of right and wrong; when she learns the truth about his crime, she loves him too much to allow it to taint her impression of him, so she “changes the moral rules” to accommodate and protect him. She often mis-reads the emotional atmosphere, and tunes in to no one except Maxim – she also mistakes his intentions and moods sometimes (“Do you want a secretary?” “No, you little fool, I’m asking you to marry me!”). She is in some ways very naïve and impressionable, unaware of how the world works, because she is living mostly in her head and detached from the environment. She doesn’t actively realize Maxim is falling in love with her, even though she’s falling in love with him; she doesn’t connect his actions with suspicions about Rebecca’s fate; and she does not sense she’s being manipulated by Mrs. Danvers. But in other ways, she is quick to put things together and assert her assumptions as truths (“You did that on purpose to hurt Maxim!”). In one instance, she hits so near the truth with a random statement about him choosing her because she was quiet and innocent and would cause no gossip, Maxim demands “What rumors have you heard?” None. She just “knows.” When the truth comes to light, she uses her inferior Te to reason out the logical reasons he will escape from justice unscathed. She points out the logical impossibilities of the case and how Maxim can avoid trouble if he just “controls his temper.” She on occasion expresses a desire to manage the house, but usually leaves it to Mrs. Danvers.

Enneagram: 9w1 sx/so

She loathes conflict. When Mrs. Danvers tricks her into upsetting Maxim, she is not at ease until she puts it all right the next day. She allows others to say things to her they should not, and only starts asserting herself in the second half of the story, when she feels a need to defend Maxim. She can be too deferential and okay with things, even justifying murder because she does not want to feel uneasy by it. Her unease and anxiety over conflict causes her almost to faint in a courtroom. Her 1 fix allows her to further repress her anger, though it does manifest from time to time. She bonds intensely with him, and then cares little for what society thinks of it.