Function Order: Ti-Se-Ni-Fe

Philip spends a short amount of time studying his companions on the island and figuring out how their mind works. He then uses that information to influence how he interacts with them – a Ti-dom “hack” of the people around him. He tests them to figure out how they tick, and then exploits their fears and weaknesses, sometimes with intentional glee. He is an opportunist, aware of what’s going on and part of it. Philip pushes people’s buttons. He wants to know what’s “upstairs.” Who is upstairs. When he realizes someone is hunting them, he wants to search the house, search people’s rooms, set out… “and when I find him, kill him.” He solves problems with physical action. He’s quick to react to things. Philip wastes no time in admiring a beautiful woman’s leg … or in seducing her. But his Ni is extremely good. From almost the start, he has the room pegged: if the accuser is right about him, and he is, then the rest of them are liars. He proposes they are being watched, hunted, that the murderer is hiding among them. But he can’t quite figure out who it is. So he operates on pure instinct. And in the end, it fails him because he can’t prove his innocence. He likes to provoke the doctor and get a rise out of him, which feeds his lower Fe desire to amuse himself. He also seeks an intimate connection through Fera, and fake-apologizes to her to try and get her on his side. As the crisis unfolds, he starts to see them as a team, and promises her they will get off the island together (Fe adopting another person as an extension of themselves). He spends the most amount of time pushing logical reasoning on the others.

Enneagram: 8w7 sp/x

Blunt. Confrontational. Combative. Frank. Unassuming. Controlled. Philip is all of these things and more. He’s willing to defend himself and others with violence. His crime was to murder an entire village and take the diamonds he wanted, a mentality reflected in his 8ish need to live large, loud, powerfully, and in a hedonistic manner. He figures out who not to trust and who to trust, allowing his gut hunches to lead him. He can be argumentative, and push people’s buttons just to see how they will react, so he can get a better sense of them. His 7 wing further wants pleasure and seeks distractions (Vera) even in extreme circumstances.