Julie is an opportunist. After Preston disappoints her by not paying more attention to her, and ignoring her in favor of his job, she decides to use the ball to force him into defending her. She choose to wear a red, scandalous dress instead of virginal white. She plays the men in her life off each other, manipulating them with no thought of the potential negative consequences – her inferior Ni neither sees nor bothers to consider that she could get both of them killed in the process. She simply acts on how she feels at any given time, using whatever is available to hand, be it a person or a situation or a dinner party. In the end, her own short-sighted decision bring about painful loss to her life. She is an emotional decision maker, but also aware of other people’s feelings and how to play them off each other. Julie irrationally cannot believe her fiancé would rather handle his business affairs than spend time with her; when he vexes her by doing so, she punishes him by giving him the silent treatment, then by flirting with other people, and challenging him to take her to the ball in her scandalous gown. To thwart his protests, she implies he might be a “coward” who does not want her to dress that way, because then he might have to defend her honor in a dual if anyone insults her. Julie acts as if she does not care what others think, but once in their midst, as they shun her, she changes her mind and wants to take it back – but it’s too late. She falls back on the facts and blunt conversation when pushed into a corner, but also knows when she’s “beat.”

Enneagram: 3w2 sx/so

She is competitive and has to be the best. She cannot accept that she isn’t more important than business, so she competes actively to get attention and demands praise from others. Julie is able to put aside her personal feelings for appearances sake, such as when she discovers Preston has married someone else. She puts on her best face, thrusts aside her deep misery, and is a charming, flirtatious hostess for the rest of her guests. She does not fully understand her own feelings and they overwhelm her, but not in public! Never in public! If she cannot win, she is nothing in her own mind. Her 2 wing is manipulative and seductive, coveting love and reacting badly when she does not receive it.