Charlotte operates purely on her emotional instincts – she follows her heart to a married man and sees no problem with pursuing that relationship; she stays at home to conceal her father’s secret, believing him to have murdered her lover and feeling she can keep that from coming out through her presence; she turns to her cousin Miriam in a troubled time, believing she can help clear things up and ensure she stays in her house; in so doing, Charlotte refuses to live in reality. She sinks so much into her feelings and her mental instability, she cannot and will not acknowledge the facts of her situation—that she no longer owns the property, that her house will be bulldozed, that she has no legal recourse, and that she must leave. Though she has no evidence, Charlotte believes her father murdered her lover. She also believes that her lover’s wife has been harassing her with nasty letters for the last forty years. Charlotte is somewhat idealistic and naïve about reality, refusing to accept the truth of her situation and embrace a different existence – she would rather cling to what she knows, to her old house, to her father’s grave, and refuse to leave. She believes her cousin can somehow, magically, fix everything. Charlotte does have good intuitive instincts, however… she sometimes makes accurate guesses, such as suspecting Miriam told on her. She is stuck in a Si loop, brooding over an incident that happened many years ago and her subjective interpretation of the event – what it means to her personally, and how it impacted her feelings. Her inferior Te isn’t capable of handling these things, so she relies on others to do them for her. She can become quite verbally aggressive and insulting under stress, when she lashes out with inferior Te to express her feelings (“Do you think I invited you here FOR COMPANY?”).

Enneagram: cp6w5 sx/sp

Charlotte acts like an 8 to put people off (being aggressive, belligerent, protecting her property with a shotgun and threats, throwing things at people, and is also confrontational) … but push her too hard and she crumbles. Her cousin can easily cow her into angry submission and force her into obedience once the truth of her malicious nature emerges. She feels so helpless, Charlotte feels she needs her cousin to act on her behalf, and becomes angry when it seems that she will not. In looking after her father’s reputation and protecting his secret all these years, she has given up on her life altogether and sunken into apathy… but she still lashes out with rage, resentment, and self-assertiveness that flickers and fades. She is terrified, paranoid, insecure, and distrustful. She brings her cousin to the house to help her, and when she will not, Charlotte accuses her of nefarious schemes. Her explosions of anger are hot and fierce, but she falls back into obedience when others dominate her. She is also afraid of leaving her home, of change, and of moving out of her comfort zone or facing the outside world, since this is all she has ever known.