Pip tends to read things on a surface level, and not think much about the potential consequences of his actions, as he reacts to immediate situations—whether that involves challenging Brummell to a fight when he mentions Estella, or attempting to save Miss Havisham’s life when she catches on fire (and burning his hands in the process), or in spending the money he is left to him by a mysterious benefactor. He assumes it’s Miss Havisham, and that she means him to marry Estella, and is shocked to find out all of his conclusions are wrong; that it’s actually an escaped convict who has paid for his lavish lifestyle, which he took to rapidly. He became a ‘Londoner’ quickly, adapted the values and spendthrift ways of his peers, and has given no thought to where the money might come from, if the check does not come regularly. He risks his life and his reputation to help the convict escape back to his ship, and then tries to save his life when they both fall in the river. Pip is also quite emotional and sensitive, compared to Estella. He gives her his whole heart, and uses metaphorical language (heavily tied into sensory descriptions) to express his feelings for her. He shows a convict kindness as a child, even though he’s been terrorized by him. He doesn’t want to be a blacksmith, but cannot bear to tell Joe the truth for fear of hurting him. He also, unfortunately, is quite mean to Joe when Joe visits London, and shames Pip in front of total strangers in a pub. He lashes out with tert-Te rudeness, and cannot comprehend why Estella would marry someone she does not love, why she would not choose her heart, or believe that she has none, even when she argues with him to the contrary. Pip cannot wrap his mind around being without affection.

Enneagram: 3w2 sx/so

Pip cares about appearances more than anything, and cannot shake what people tell him about himself. He thinks nothing of being poor until Estella makes fun of him, then he hates it and wishes to be a gentleman (so that he might attract her). He wishes he had better boots and no dirt under his fingernails, and had money! He is so ashamed of Joe when his brother-in-law visits London that he tries to guide him to more appropriate behavior, and then is humiliated by Joe’s uncouth ways—causing Joe to sense his embarrassment in his presence and hurry back to the country. He thinks he is destined for ‘better things’ and feels quite proud to have ‘great expectations.’ He assumes, rather arrogantly, that Miss Havisham is his secret benefactor and intends him for Estrella, and then is crushed to find out that is not the truth. He adapts too readily to his new lifestyle and runs up incredible debts. His 2 wing, though, seeks to help and care for those he loves, and feels a sense of responsibility and duty to his benefactor, as well as to Joe once the blacksmith uses his life’s savings to bail him out of debt. He also cannot fathom a life without love, and desperately begs Estrella to go away with him, unable to believe she would marry without love simply to ruin a man.