Functional Order: Te-Si-Ne-Fi

Estella knows her purpose in life, to grow up, seduce, marry, and then dominate a man, to carry out Miss Havisham’s desires for her. Even though she has feelings for Pip, she thrusts this aside to continue with her “plan,” valuing financial success and ambition ahead of her heart. She routinely denies having feelings, showing her disconnect from them, and instead focuses on the facts of Pip’s weakness, his perceived poverty, and his lack of status. She finds his love for her “irrational,” and refuses to admit to responding to it, although her actions for him (her refusal to “seduce and then break his heart”) declare otherwise. She often criticizes and finds fault with him, pointing out the facts of his impoverished upbringing, his lack of status, his poor education, and other things in order to humiliate him. When her choices in life distress Miss Havisham, she becomes angry and defensive, claiming she only is “what you made me!” Her upbringing has isolated herself from her own feelings, and it’s only through an abusive marriage and the loss of her husband that Estella is able to understand what Pip “felt for her.” She had to be away from Miss Havisham, and internalize, to discover her true desires in life. She argues that she is a product of her upbringing, that Miss Havisham made her this way, and she knows no other way to be; she clings to that argument despite Pip’s repeated attempts to sway her from her original intentions. Estella employs the same tactics on all the men she meets, to act coy, flirtatious, and then break their hearts, until she finds a rich one to marry. She has poor foresight, and refuses to accept that he may be abusive and make her happy, believing that she can dominate him. Yet, it is Pip that remains “in her heart” (though she denies having one)… and Pip to whom she returns years later for reconciliation. In a way, she never grew out of seeing him as the little boy she used to torment.

Enneagram: 8w9 sp/so

She wants to control and dominate people, and is aware of who has the “power” in any given situation—she instantly sees Pip as weak and tries to one-up him through mean comments and by sneering at him. She realizes in doing so, she’ll make him desperate to please her, and from there she can continue rejecting him. Like most 8s, however, Esrella refuses to admit to her own vulnerable feelings; she falls in love with Pip (presumably, given her behavior) but argues against it and fights it, choosing to distract herself with controlling others, and proceeding with her plan to “unmake” richer men. Her 9 wing further numbs herself to her true feelings, and makes her calmly assertive, even stubborn in refusing to delve deep into her feelings.