Function Order: Si-Te-Fi-Ne

Time literally stopped for Miss Havisham the moment she received news she had been jilted and cheated by her lover; she refuses to change anything in her environment, to the extent that she lives in a festering, molding, decaying house, wearing the same wedding gown, and sporting the same hairstyle. Her own past experiences weigh so heavily on her that she super-imposes her own reality on top of reality itself; every man she sees is the one who wronged her, on whom she will have her revenge; and Estella is her weapon, her hatred, misery, and anguish wrapped up into a younger self, intended to do to a man what was done to her. Rather than adopting a child out of a desire to give her a better life or heal from her own brokenness, Miss Havisham took in Estella to raise as a weapon to achieve revenge upon men. Her repeated unkindness has shaped her ward into a cold woman, intent on achieving Miss Havisham’s ultimate desire to hurt others; she wants to cause them pain and see them suffer as she has suffered. She callously decides to try out Estella’s tactics on Pip, so she invites him over to the house to “play,” in order to observe their interactions. She wants Pip to fall in love with Estella, so she can break his heart. She’s so out of touch with the outside world, and wrapped up in her intense feelings of bitterness, Miss Havisham causes great pain in other people’s lives. Only at the end of the novel is she able to realize her actions are hurtful to Estella and Pip, and that she has broken Pip’s heart in the same way hers was broken—a terrible realization that causes her to beg him for forgiveness. Though she spends years cultivating Estella to marry a wealthy man and break his heart, when she realizes this will mean they are parted forever, Miss Havisham has a meltdown. The idea of leaving her house, changing her clothes, or abandoning the past, is unfathomable to her and causes her tremendous anxiety. She warns Pip not to “make plans too far into the future,” for one may never know what might happen. She was too short-sighted, also, to realize she was being conned… and never got over it.

Enneagram: 4w4 sp/so

Unhealthy fours like to take out their anger, resentment, and feelings of abandonment and neglect on the world, as Miss Havisham does when she brings a child into her life with the sole purpose of turning her into an emotionless monster, to enact her vengeance against men. Rather than move on, she’s stuck in her feelings… and it is only when she faces further loss, that she’s able to repent of her evil actions. It takes seeing Pip broken and humiliated for her to identify with him (Fi) and realize what she has done. She wants to dominate and control men, to humiliate and punish them, to “even the score” through someone else. Her 5 wing makes her detach from reality, live inside her imagination, develop severe paranoia, and become a hermit.