Harry is an all but unbeatable champion (minus his hand tremor, the side result of his tuberculosis) because he has honed his skill over several decades, perfecting and inventing techniques, repeating them until he can effortlessly recreate them on any course. Present in the back of his mind are the surveyors from childhood who told him that golf is “not for the likes of you; it is a gentleman’s game.” In a sense, he is fighting against them with every stroke. Harry is so conscious of the social status that he wants to leap over social barriers and get invited to join a club, not as an instructor but a member—a goal he strives for his entire career. He naively assumes when invited to the clubhouse to speak with the president that it means he has succeeded at last – only to be crushed when he discovers they want to employ him. His long friendship with Ted Ray convinces him the duo will be a show-stopper on their American tour, with Ted a distraction if Harry’s illness resurfaces. It’s highly suggested he sees a younger version of him in Francis. Uncertainty about his health holding up on tour drives Harry to suggest Ted accompanies him. He is not as assured of victory as his sponsors. Experience helps him devising many different ways to mislead, misdirect, and manipulate other players into making mistakes. Harry takes a risky shot, knowing his status as a professional and an expert will enable him to get out of it with few strokes, hoping that the less-experienced Francis will follow suit and find it much more difficult. His books are best-sellers, which outline easy techniques for new and experienced golfers to improve their swings, learn how to focus, and “control their emotions” – he states that the real champion can separate emotion from concentration, remaining immune to outside influences while on the course. Harry undertakes the American tour for financial reasons – choosing Ted as a logical teammate due to their similar backgrounds, but also knowing Ted will draw big crowds due to the power behind his swing. He gives demonstrations for hours at a local department store (for payment), offering Francis easy advice to improve his stroke. When fellow golfers go off on them, Harry manages to keep his composure. He fails to react when Ted punches someone in the face, but keeps a fake, good-natured smile present when McDermott insults them all. When their British financier boasts of their “easy victory,” Harry warns him not to count Francis out—he has seen with his own eyes the boy’s potential, and read his scores. Being under-appreciated for who he is, because of his impoverished background wears hard on Harry. He is highly compassionate and emotional, but manages to hide his true feelings much of the time. He can shut out all outside distractions on the course, and simply focus on his game. Harry appreciates others’ skill and uniqueness to the point of not minding Francis beating him, because he enjoyed the challenge of an unexpected playoff. His ability to master a poker face and reveal no emotion psyches out his opponents in the locker rooms and on the green. He only once loses his temper, telling his sponsor in no uncertain terms to not look down on Francis.

Enneagram: 9w1 so/sp

Harry wins tournaments because unlike Francis, he’s able to block out everything around him, ignore what he doesn’t want to confront, and just focus intensely on the game. We see a literal representation of this, as he isolates and makes others ‘vanish’ until all that remains is him and the goal. This is part of 9 pushing away outside interruptions to remain ‘at peace’ and calm; he fails to react even when his temperamental best friend punches someone in the face, then calmly states that it was well-deserved. Though he wants inclusion into all the best clubs, he conceals his disappointment merely to be hired as an ‘expert.’ Harry isolates himself from others during competitions, to focus on his game, but becomes warm and friendly afterward, once more expressing his friendship to Francis and congratulating him on a game well-played. He is principled, diplomatic, and hard-working, per his 1 wing.