Luna is the ant-Hermione—a theoretical thinker wholly convinced of being right, who rejects all outside facts that do not line up with her inner thought process. One example is her militant loyalty to her father and his theories, to his publication, and to her own conspiracies. She believes in creatures that do not exist, without any proof, because she has decided that they exist, and she rejects Hermione’s facts about a dangerous object in her home, because she has decided it is something else. Luna takes almost nothing personally unless you attack her father, generally being awkward and making others uncomfortable through her blunt comments and assumptions. She also is supportive of Harry, but in an offhanded, subtle kind of way that indicates her discomfort with emotions; even recounting her mother’s death in front of her seems like a detached observation, although she does want to be included in a circle of friends, and shyly paints their portraits on her room, entwined with the words “friends” (Harry feels quite overwhelmed to see it, since he didn’t fully realize how much it meant to her until now). Luna reassures Harry it is okay to be different and makes him feel more ‘normal’ for seeing the Thestrils, because having seen someone die is something that they share. Luna has a fantastical imagination and rejects reality and facts for her own interpretation of things—she believes everything her father prints in his magazine, and is sometimes right but often wrong (she is accurate and often insightful into Harry Potter and the motivations of his friends, or even in interpreting how he feels; but believes in theories without grounding, like her nonsensical suspicions about the Ministry of Magic and what Cornelius Fudge is actually up to). At other times, she has some profound things to say, like when she claims Voldemort might want Harry to feel alienated and friendless to weaken him; or in her atypical treatment of Dobby, whom she calls ‘sir.’ Luna is reluctant to deviate from her upbringing, and holds onto the views her father instilled in her, through his equally conspiracy theorist behaviors. She is often lost in her own little world, but can also be loyal to her friends, warm despite her eccentricities, and she tends to adapt to the point of view of her father by living with him. She becomes emotional and defensive when people pick on him.

Enneagram: 9w1 sp/so [954]

Luna is detached from everything, including her own feelings — when others steal and hide her possessions, she shrugs it off and says things have a way of returning to her over time; she will go have pudding instead. In this way, she is very passive and gentle and does not have to confront people or feel upset that they stole her possessions and tease her mercilessly. She just blocks them out of her head and happily goes on about her day, choosing to look for the best rather than admit to the bullying being a problem. Very few things make her angry — just the assertion that her father has lost his mind and/or that his newspaper is nonsense. Otherwise, Luna lives in a world of pleasant make-believe where little except injustice upsets her. Harry finds her calmness and sense of detachment unsettling at times, though on occasion she will voice a strong opinion. Since she does not intend to take up much room with people or in their lives, she is genuinely surprised when Harry tells her he considers her a friend (“You do? Oh, that’s nice,” she says. Calmly).