Ron tends to take things at face value and reach singular conclusions – he judges things by what he sees with his own eyes and draws larger implications from it, such as when his rat disappeared and he blamed Hermione’s cat. He, like Harry, wants to take the broom out for a spin without thinking about the potential pitfalls involved (that it may be a trap, jinxed, or cursed). Ron tends to want the best things out of life, and feel somewhat thwarted by his poverty in not being able to have them. Ron loves to seize exciting opportunities – such as stealing his father’s car and flying it to Hogwarts. He reacts as things happen, which sometimes gets him into trouble (forgetting his place, and trying to hex Snape after Snape insults Hermione). He doesn’t read between the lines very well – he’s  baffled whenever Hermione gets jealous and treats him meanly, shaking his head and attributing it to “girls.” He loves the excitement of Quidditch and gets bored easily in the traditional school environment. He likes to be doing things, instead of studying. He has intense personal feelings, which can make him unable to relate to or fully understand other people’s emotions unless he’s been through them; he often shares Harry’s feelings (like when Hermione gets Harry’s broom confiscated) but isn’t good at understanding abstract emotions (like why Cho cries when she snogs Harry). Ron evaluates things according to his own personal standards and beliefs.His disinterest in school means Ron would rather let Hermione come up with workable plans, but he can take charge when he needs to; Ron is very good at chess, a game of strategy and organization and he implements those skills in real life (obtaining basilisk fangs, helping Hermione pull things off, etc) when he needs to. He’s adventurous and not really interested in understanding the world or the people in it so much as simply having a good time. He doesn’t show decent insights into people, or over-think things, but his inferior Ni helps him when he needs it most – Ron uses it when trusting the deluminator to take him to Harry and Hermione (he just “knows” it will take him there).

Enneagram: 6w7 sp/so

Ron has a tremendous sense of family loyalty and duty to them, he is protective over them, and he feels angry and torn when he must support and protect Harry, without knowing what has become of his parents or his siblings. He can be emotionally reactive and insecure, wanting attention but easily rattled when others mock his poor skills at Quidditch. He is doubtful of Harry’s instincts, and sometimes has a negative attitude about things and an expectation that they will fail or it will go wrong or that Hagrid is going to get them all killed. He tends to complain a great deal, but what he most wants is to be important on his own merit. His 7 wing wants to have fun, is optimistic, freewheeling, but not as creative as his brothers (both 7s). He can be avoidant of the things he does not want to do — skipping homework to have fun in the moment, avoiding Lavender on purpose so she doesn’t cry all over him over their breakup (or smother him with kisses), etc. Under stress, Ron disintegrates into 3is behaviors — obsessed with how he looks and resentful about it, desperate to impress others, and caring a great deal about his appearance, how successful he is at Quidditch, and whether Hermione favors Harry over him.