Brooke is an opportunist, who lives and reacts entirely in the moment, with a mentality of “if it’s available, let’s do it.” This ranges from her sexual relationship with one of her teachers to her proclivities for booze and expensive clothes. She often judges things based on their appearances, and lives to regret it. After tying up her teacher and threatening him with a knife to figure out if he’s the killer, she leaves him tied to the bed… and then later, feels guilty and ashamed of it, begging Audrey to help her clean up the mess. Her low Ni never thinks about the consequences of her actions until it’s too late—like, what happens if the affair becomes public, could it impact her future career in some way? She is easily manipulated by the killer into suspecting her father murdered her mother and hid the body in a freezer. Though Brooke wants everyone to find her attractive, she operates primarily out of what she feels is right and wrong, without consideration for what society would say about it—if she likes someone, she acts on it. If she has a deep hurt, she keeps it inside. She chooses her boyfriends regardless of her friends’ opinions of them. Brooke also feels bad if she goes against herself in some way; she won’t lie to reporters to make her dad look better, and she stands up for Emma against Audrey when Emma has been hurt by Audrey’s confession. Her Te shows up in how she acts on her feelings, and wants to come up with occasional “plans” to help them all succeed.

Enneagram: 7w8 so/sx

Brooke is living a life of pursuing distractions—she throws parties and drinks to avoid thinking about her absent mother and her workaholic father; she pushes away from her feelings by throwing herself into action; she leaps into relationships without hesitation and dumps guys as soon as she loses interest in them. When Jake insults her, she refuses to call him first and instead paints her nails, talks to her friends, and frets behind the scenes. Her 8 wing is assertive, though; she can be combative and even violent, threatening others unless she gets the information she wants, and telling them off to their faces. She is interested in pursuing larger-than-life urges.