Audrey acts on what is available to her in the moment, whether that includes making out with her girlfriend in a parking lot, or bringing Piper to town to “get back” at Emma for “ignoring her.” She is quick to react and able to easily use her environment in her own defense, such as when she takes a “prank” seriously, breaks the glass in a display case, and stabs the masked man coming after her in the ribs. She also has no delusions about who people are, and more clearly sees through them than Noah—when a video of her confession goes “viral,” she quickly realizes that only a few people have access to Noah’s files, his girlfriend being one of them, and places the blame accurately at her feet for having stolen it. Audrey’s intuition is sometimes good, and sometimes bad; she underestimated Piper’s intentions, and makes terrible mistakes in her tendency to react “right now,” such as when picking clues off a body gives the killer an incriminating video of her. She doesn’t care what others think of her, and doesn’t understand why her friends care, either. Audrey prides herself on her uniqueness. She holds things deep inside her, and it’s difficult for her to articulate her feelings to others—it takes her a long time to confess to Emma, and she goes through Noah first, fearing the rejection it might earn her. She often moves into her tert-Te in her tendency to take instant, aggressive action, but also in her realism. She understands when things might be a trap, when they need to get the police involved (or not), when she’s being framed, and often relies on herself to pull through it.

Enneagram: 7w8 sp/so

Audrey is good-natured, carefree, full of excuses, and sassy. She never turns down a chance to have fun or go on an adventure. She starts out as irresponsible and avoidant of her personal feelings — shoving them aside, and refusing to be vulnerable to anyone. She can also be irresponsible and reckless, but her 8 wing often leaps into action. Audrey attacks whatever makes her afraid, and sometimes makes mistakes in the process. She uses violence against two kids who prank her, she wants to kill the guy who murdered her girlfriend, and it’s hard for her to admit how much she cares about others; she’d rather hide behind her toughness. She seizes another student’s iPad and shows off his grotesque drawings to the entire class.