Functional Order: Ne-Ti-Fe-Si

Once the murders start happening in town, Noah instantly starts theorizing and speculating not only on who could be responsible, but their motives and the possible reasoning behind their decisions. He leaves the reality of the situation far behind and leaps headfirst into theoretical conversations, often going in unexpected directions, and using movie references as a starting point (“Hey this is just like in…”). In season two, he creates a morbid podcast about the murders that continues discussion about them, and from there branches out into writing stories about his dead friends, immortalizing them in comic book forms. He often correctly intuits things about people, but can also be somewhat naive and trusting, not wanting to believe the worst of his girlfriend (he can’t imagine she would e-mail herself files off his computer or send them to his friends). One example of his quick-thinking Ne is after discovering a secret passage, with only minor evidence to go off of, he theorizes the “true story” of the murders that happened there, inventing a story of potential sexual harassment and murder that “makes more sense” than the original legend. He will not indulge anything that does not “make sense to him”; one reason he rejects the idea of writing a comic book about a murder on the island is that the murder doesn’t seem reasonable to him; he doesn’t understand the murderer’s motives and cannot move forward with the project until he figures out a different set of motives that “make more sense.” Noah often wants to understand the why behind things, and can get hung up on over-analyzing situations that simply need a reaction out of him. His Fe is well-developed, in that he’s aware of and tuned in to his friends’ feelings, although he is totally clueless about whether a girl likes him “in that way” or not. He’s free and open with his own feelings from time to time, especially about loss, and can become openly emotionally reactive in intense situations. His inferior Si development includes following through on his projects, and creating a detailed murder board to track possibilities, suspects, and motives.

Enneagram: 6w7 sp/so

Out of the “Scream Team,” Noah is the only one who is cautious, who doesn’t think running around alone in a shed in the middle of the night is a good idea, who distrusts his friends and puts them on his murder board, and who doesn’t want to take things at face value. At one point, while investigating on his own, he decides “NOPE” and runs for the car. His cautiousness, however, has a good side to it—he manages to survive many intense situations. He is also funny, collects a support group of like-minded people around him, and waffles between being too trusting (his girlfriend) and not trusting enough (authorities). His 7 wing is open to experiences and can turn almost anything into a joke.