For Emma, everything is about “we” – her family, her friends, and them surviving as a group, bonding together to catch the creep who is torturing and killing off the people they care about. She is free and open about her feelings, unable to let things pass, such as when she confronts Audrey about the letter she wrote Piper in which Audrey complains at length about Emma and “wants to take her down.” She often cannot put aside her feelings to focus on solutions, but gets tangled up in them—wanting to address things and/assign blame when it might be better to put them aside and focus on finding Noah instead. Her inferior Ti works hard to try and piece together the puzzle, but is ineffectual at solving the mystery, in questioning the motives of the people around her, or in figuring out who to trust. Under intense stress, she wants to know the “why” and can become critical of her friends. Emma spends a great deal of the series in a Se-loop, but some flits of her Ni do peer through once in awhile, such as when she figures out the murders all revolve around her, and are meant to hurt herself and her mother; she’s able to piece together where Noah is “buried alive,” based on a clue the killer left behind. Her subconscious manifests her trauma in vivid, surrealistic dreams full of personal symbolism. Her Se, however, turns up much more often—she uses sex to decompress from stress, she often grabs whatever lies at hand to fight with, and she’s assertive in taking charge of the environment. Emma can be reckless and short-sighted, leaping on chances to act without thinking them through, placing herself in incredible danger in the process; but her tert-Se also enables her with enough sensory awareness to put a bullet in someone’s head when she needs to.

Enneagram: 9w8 so/sx

When Noah asks her how she feels at the end of season two, having gone through so much additional trauma in so few hours, she says she’s “fine.” Emma often numbs herself to things. She does not want to think the worst of people, and adopts a sweet attitude of calm. Unfortunately, she often is so compliant that she trusts the wrong people; she warms up to them quickly, and mirrors their emotional state. When her boyfriend’s cousin tries to kiss her, she starts to feel something for him and feels confused about her current relationship; despite not knowing who the killer is, she proceeds to go somewhere with him, alone, on a date. Later, she starts developing semi-romantic feelings for another guy who seems attracted to her. Her 8 wing reacts aggressively to being targeted, however, and isn’t above punching people in the face who insult her or her friends. She becomes over-confident and challenges the murderer to come and get her.