Jonathan is caught up in the idea of becoming famous, without actually doing any of the work required to become so – he steals a “key” off someone and claims he founds it, then goes along for a lark on the dig, where he proceeds to play golf in the tombs and generally enjoy himself. He’s not good at interacting with the physical environment at all – often, his best tactic is to get out of there, rather than try to improvise. He is opportunistic in how he uses his fame (finding treasure) to win over female approval, but not really conscious of the dangers it might invite into his life. Jonathan has a carelessness about him, as regards putting down roots, and establishing a “safe” place for himself in the world (inferior Si). If it makes sense to him, Jonathan acts on it. He is an able problem-solver when Evie needs him to be, but is far more interested in opportunism and using his tert-Fe charm to manipulate people with. Jonathan will stretch the truth when it suits him, and flat out make up stories the rest of the time. He tends to over-share and Rick has to silence him at times, and remind him of the dangers they are involved in. Jonathan flatters and flirts with women. He has no strict sense of internal morals to guide his decisions.

Enneagram: 7w6 so/sp

Jonathan is all about having fun and entertaining himself; he’s the first person to find the booze, to sit down and play a game of cards, or to attract a few beautiful women as his own personal entertainment. He takes nothing seriously and makes a joke out of just about everything. He flees from personal responsibility much of the time, and justifies his actions as being “borrowing, not stealing” since when 7 wants something it sees no reason not to take it. His 6 wing knows when to cut his losses and get the hell out of there, as well as somewhat relies on his family and friends to keep him safe.