Imhotep is opportunistic – when his mistress strikes the Pharoah, he does as well; when O’Connell chases after him to get Evie, the Mummy summons a windstorm and dust to sweep them away; he uses the same trick with water when he has Alex as a hostage. Imohtep is good at improvising using his environment, and also at taking risks (the affair itself). He is unafraid to engage another ancient mummy in combat, in an attempt to take his armies. His intention to raise his lover from the dead infers long-term thinking, and a single goal that he works toward with disciplined resolve. Imhotep also sets his mind toward global domination and the resurrection of the scorpion king’s armies for his own purpose, but fails to anticipate his lover’s abandonment of him at a crucial moment, leading to his second “death” (an inferior Ni blind spot). Imhotep has a passionate, deep, unfailing love for the Pharoah’s wife, which prompts him to pursue a dangerous affair with her, knowing full well it could lead to both their deaths. His continued faithfulness to her spans centuries, as he strives to reunite them in a second life. Many of his decisions are wrapped up in his love for her, and his emotions can often be touched on in order to distract him long enough for his adversaries to get the upper hand. Though he is very much a schemer and planner, Imotep de-prioritizes it in favor of forming an emotional connection to his lover; he wants her to remember her former life, and give way to her reincarnated spirit, more because he desires her to remember their love than for any greater scheme. He frequently acts on his feelings.

Enneagram: 8w9 sx/sp

He is aware of who holds the power in every situation he encounters, and calmly takes charge to ensure it’s always him. Imhotep faces the pain and anguish of his imprisonment and death, then proceeds to use others, taking them into his service, dominating them, and exerting control over them, in his attempts to resurrect the woman he loves. He fears no one and nothing (except for a cat, of course); he’s unimpressed by Rick’s attempts to stop him. His 8 prompted him to act on his sexual desires with unbarred concern for the consequences – when the Pharaoh found out, they simply murdered him. His 9 wing brings in calm precision and unruffled behavior.