Rick notices opportunities to act and takes them, from stealing a kiss from a beautiful woman to saving her at the last minute and improvising using whatever is around him. Rick pays attention. He’s an excellent shot. He sometimes takes big risks that pay off in even bigger ways. He has no problem responding to a situation and getting in sync with his environment to fix it. He moves fast, he enjoys thrilling experiences, and he has fun getting others to come along for the ride. When Evie wants to read out loud from the Book of the Dead, Rick tells her not to do it; he has more suspicion that supernatural things exist than she does, at first. He thinks further ahead in considering the potential consequences of their actions in digging up tombs and stirring mummies from the earth. He is insightful about people and their intentions and rarely wrong in his impressions or predictions. Rick is detached and practical. He quickly analyzes situations and then takes the most obvious solution to the problem (shooting up a Mummy, shoving a cat in its face, etc). He often points out the stupid inconsistencies in other people’s comments and is a man of few words that always get to the point. He isn’t prone to over-reacting, but instead handles perilous situations as an everyday occurrence (and… in his life, it is an everyday occurrence). “No offense,” the others say when slandering Americans, and Rick answers, “None taken.” He’s affable, good-natured, forgiving, and always looking out for the best interests of the group. Rick is not great at “touchy feely” and doesn’t know how to tell Evie how much he likes her, but he’s animated, expressive, and eventually gets the hang of complimenting people.

Enneagram: 7w8 sp/so

They throw him in jail because he had a “VERY good time!” Rick manages to remain funny even in the most intense situations; he often cracks jokes and keeps the mood light, even when they are in way over their heads. He’s not interested in anything too deep or probing, but his 8 wing and fix also knows when it’s time to cut and run. He’s able to determine how to take power against the mummy and bring him to his knees. His 8 is also earthy and practical, furthering his ability to act in the moment by giving him instinctive reflexes (a gut core fix). His 7 wing can also be “heady” and know when it’s time to cut and run from an intense or dangerous situation.