Evie has a complete and total understanding of how everything in Ancient Egypt worked, from the mirrors to the mazes, traps, and traditions within the court. She’s immersed herself in learning for decades and is detached. She’s able to calmly, confidently negotiate Rick’s freedom while he’s being hanged, treating it as a problem to solve. She often thinks first, and feels later… such as when she’s describing the mummification process and completely oblivious to the horrified reactions of her brother and Rick. Evie has a built up logic, and uses that to operate with in the real world – until she sees a Mummy with her own two eyes, she refuses to believe in anything supernatural. She puts aside her own moral prerogatives once influenced by the others (“It’s not stealing, it’s borrowing!”). Evie has a well-developed inferior Fe; she talks her way through her feelings (on her crush, she tells herself to get a grip, “the kiss wasn’t that great anyway”) and expresses them easily (threatening to haunt Rick if he does not save her life). She often scolds the others in an attempt to get them to calm down (“Now, children, we must learn to share!”). It takes Evie no time at all to start noticing and acting on opportunities – when she sees Rick has only seconds to live after being unsuccessfully “hanged,” she barters for his freedom in a highly logical, opportunistic way (negotiating a price). Evie notices things about the cavern that others miss, such as the implication of a secret door (she suggests they “search elsewhere” *wink-wink*). At one point, she states that unless she can see it, touch it, or taste it, she does not believe it – which is why she has no problem opening and reading from an ancient book, dismissing any suggestions of curses as ridiculous. Evie is not cautious; Rick sometimes has to pull her out of danger, although sometimes she also saves his life (yanking him out of the way of a bullet). She argues that they have been “in tougher spots” when they are about to drown, assuming that somehow they will figure a way out of their bad situation. Evie distracts the mummy with a kiss in order to save Rick. She shows flits of low Ni, connecting the scarabs with a serious curse and punishment, and figuring out the motives of the mummy, but mostly lives in the present.

Enneagram: 5w4 so/sx

Evie is all about accumulating more knowledge and becoming an expert in Egyptology. She complains that they passed her over for a prestigious position because she had “no experience in the field.” She clearly focused most of her energy on learning out of books –a classic 5 trait (observe from the sidelines, hesitate to engage). She can be somewhat unrealistic in her conclusions and preoccupied, too immersed in solving a mystery to pay attention to the very real dangers everywhere around her. Her 4 wing and fix are emotionally reactive; she’s deeply insulted when he calls her a “broad,” and when the men sneer at her for being a woman.