Sonny is larger than life, an extremely physical man. He is quick to leap into action – Tom Hagan warns him that his premature strikes against the enemy, and the visceral violence he’s unleashing on the warring families – could have extreme consequences, but Sonny tells him to back off, and claims he is not a “war” advisor. He tends to react instantly on information, which is ultimately what gets him gunned down on the causeway – and even then, he sees what’s about to happen and tries to flee from his car. Once he learns his sister is being physically abused by her husband, Sonny beats the man into a pulp and warns him he’s a dead man if he ever does it again. His blind spot is reacting too quickly, and not thinking about their future, although he does try to establish them in a new line of business—urging his father to embrace the drug trade as a lucrative proposition. Detached and logical, Sonny sneers at his brother’s ideas about being the one to kill a police captain and their rival don, because it doesn’t fit into his understanding of Michael – the “responsible one.” He’s an effective strategist and capable of leading his men, although his impulsive decisions are often short-sighted. Sonny knows what rules to stay inside, and doesn’t consider breaking them until Michael wants to defy them (where is it written we can’t kill cops?). He is effective at soothing his sister’s hurt feelings, and easily expresses his own rage (“I am going to kill him!”). But people’s feelings rarely factor into his decisions (he continues to have an affair, regardless of his wife’s feelings on the matter).

Enneagram: 8w7 sx/so

Rage. Aggression. Sonny has it in spades. He is the “alpha” male of the group and finds it hard to control his temper. He knows the only way to dominate is through fearless aggression and violence – which he shows to Connie’s husband after he gives her a black eye. Sonny beats him mercilessly, humiliates him in public, and promises to kill him if he ever slaps around his sister again. He also tells him off, at the dinner table, about “telling her to shut up.” Sonny feels some compassion and protectiveness toward those he feels are weaker than himself, such as his sister. His 7 wing is excitable and hedonistic; he risks his life just to spend time with his mistress.