Michael has a very clear vision of what he wants for his family, both in the short term (his detailed desire to enact revenge for his father’s attempted murder) and the long term (his desire to move them to Las Vegas and establish a new, more profitable and “non-mafia” business). He dismisses his father’s warnings to think ahead and consider all consequences, because he is already factoring them into his thought process. His father trusts him as the new don because, unlike Sonny, he is not predisposed to erratic impulses; Michael thinks things through before he commits to them. Michael has flashes of insight and trusts his instincts; he also never takes much council, preferring to mull things over alone. His inferior Se comes out in flashes of energy – he’s clearly uncomfortable in a situation in which he must act decisively in a physical way (rising from the table and shooting two men in the face), and he prefers the rest of the time to keep his distance and dispatch others to do his work for him. He does, however, impulsively get married in Sicily since he has nothing else to do. Michael is logical and self-contained; he sees no guards at the hospital and no one in the halls, leading him to conclude another assassination attempt on his father is forthcoming. He takes instant command, getting a nurse to help him move his father to another room, telling the baker to pretend to be an armed guard with him outside, and then acting defiant in front of the corrupt police chief. He rationally plots out avenging his father. He makes decisions based on how they impact the family (no traitors allowed) rather than on sentiment, which includes killing his sister’s husband for his role in Sonny’s murder. Often, Michael’s logic divides him from his family members – his decision to kill Fredo further alienates him from his extended family and children, and his coldness and lies to Kay encourage her to leave him. His Fi shows love in “protecting” his family, in whatever way necessary… but Michael almost never shows his true feelings. He freezes out Kay when he learns she had an abortion and refuses to speak to her or see her; in his mind, that’s the line she never should have crossed.

Enneagram: 8w9 sp/so

Michael knows who has the power in any situation; outside the hospital, he shows no fear both in lighting another man’s cigarette (after both feared they might die, when a car slowed down and drove past with shooters inside) and in the face of the corrupt police captain, even when threatened with violence. Michael stands up to him and demands better protection for his father. He goes on to bear a broken jaw and other injuries without complaint. When in Sicily, upon learning the object of desire’s father does not want him seeing his daughter, Michael puts his cards on the table, establishes himself as an important suitor, and asks to court her. When Fredo attempts to have a party for him in Vegas, Michael calmly tells him to get rid of all the guests, and then reminds him they are not here for “pleasure, but business.” His 9 keeps him completely calm most of the time, even in dangerous situations, except for when he explodes and slaps Kay for aborting his son.