Functional Order: Te-Ni-Se-Fi

Gerard knows how to get things done, and doesn’t hesitate to step in, issue orders, or make the tough choices – which makes him a ruthless, lethal man to tangle with. He is an effective tactician and schemer, who never goes in cold, but always has a plan. His logic is flawless, because he chooses the obvious, objective route every time, even if it means stating the facts no one wants to hear—that Victoria must die, before she changes into a wolf. He immediately senses the truth of Allison and Scott’s relationship, figures out quickly what Scott is, and includes them both in his long-term design, a scheme he reveals to no one, but steadily works toward in his systematic elimination of everything standing in his way. He believes in patience in all things, from taking two days to prepare the perfect desert to spending weeks shifting things to accommodate his desires. His end objective is Derek, and he never veers off course, although his natural opportunistic abilities means he leaps at the chances thrown his way, from becoming the new “friend” of a monster to putting himself and others in danger in order to get his objective. Gerard enjoys being hands-on in his environment, and will swing the death blow when necessary. He “enjoys life so much” he doesn’t intend to give up on it easily! There are two sides to Gerard; the warm, friendly, doting grandpa that breaks down Scott’s defenses, and the ruthless killing machine without any compassion for the werewolves he slices in half with his favorite machete. Gerard has all but abandoned his own feelings, while also becoming wrapped up in pursuing his singular and rather selfish goals.

Enneagram: 8w9 sp/so

Gerard is strong-willed and fearless. He does not respect weakness and preys on those weaker than himself, using them for his own purposes. Other people’s shows of strength causes him to respect them. As an unhealthy self preservation subtype, he works to fulfill his own needs, tending to his immediate desires and ensuring he has enough to survive on, while not making a big deal out of it. He can be analytical and detached, secretive when threatened (moving to a 5 stress point). His 9 wing gives him an overall sense of “calm” throughout his decisions, and allows him to play the “dottering grandpa” when it suits him.