Chris has built up an intense knowledge of creatures, hunters, and werewolves based on his extensive research, ability to remember details, and from his experiences in dealing with them. W he meets Scott, he quickly discerns his werewolf nature by comparing his behavior and abilities to everything he knows about werewolves and decades of hunting them. At first, he doesn’t want Scott anywhere near his daughter, because he wrongfully assumes Scott is no different from the many wolves he has hunted, and will be dangerous and destructive. But the more he gets to know Scott and interacts with him, the more Chris is open to him being different from the rest of them, and the more support he gains. Chris comes to respect him, because Scott proves himself reliable and trustworthy. When the shadow creatures emerge, Chris remembers them from a childhood incident, and knows they are dangerous – but he goes out on his own to learn more about them, in the hope of finding a way to defeat them. He has a deep respect for the traditions he was born into, allowing the women to lead and strategize. Chris is direct and straightforward in his problem solving. He creates plans and strategies to deal with threats, cautions his daughter to be more careful, and keeps track of what they know. He hides his work in plain sight in his apartment, by using invisible ink on top of his desk to link together the murders in an attempt to discern what’s happening and how to stop it. He will often turn to books for knowledge. Though her loss devastates him, Chris is able to be there for his wife when she commits suicide to avoid turning into a werewolf and stands by her decision. .  Chris does not put much thought into broader thinking, beyond what allowing werewolves to live would do to the natural order. He is methodical in gathering information, but also trusts his instincts – born more of experience than unfounded hunches. He does not share his feelings easily, but also knows when to compromise for the greater good. He can be emotional at times when faced with loss, and after his daughter’s death, spirals somewhat out of control. He is quick into action, but also wants to be prepared and take a calm, rational approach. Chris doesn’t waste time pointlessly speculating.

Enneagram: 1w9 sp/so

Chris lives by the code, a set of ethics and morals dictated by his family dynamics, a ‘system’ he never deviates from that direct his morality; he never breaks it. He refuses to do anything he considers to be sadistic, cruel, or evil. Unlike his wife, he will give people (and teen wolves) second chances out of a sense of greater compassion and willingness to consider people on an individual basis, but his initial tendency is to judge them by their moral or immoral actions and make decisions based on that. Chris can be somewhat cold an authoritarian at first, laying down strong boundaries between Allison and Scott (if you don’t want me to kill him, stay away from him), but eventually comes around to allowing them to see each other. He doesn’t like fighting or conflicts, and will back down from his and father’s aggression.